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Providing safe and reliable energy storage solutions and services, becoming a global leading green energy brand

Shenzhen Powealthy Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an energy storage technology company held by Prolto (A share 002769), with a core team of more than 10 years of experience in the energy storage industry, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of energy storage technology......

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Company positioning

Intelligent operation

Establishing a core technology platform for intelligent operation and a professional operation team, which can efficiently connect power station operation with various aspects such as power market transactions, grid demand interaction, and new energy generation regulation. By operating in this manner, we aim to provide sustainable development for our company.

Energy storage product production and manufacturing

Establish a fully automated energy storage PACK production line and energy storage system integration factory, producing high reliability and standardized energy storage products to meet various application scenarios through strict production processes and quality system control.

Energy storage technology research and development

The research and development of core technology for energy storage systems, including BMS system, energy storage intelligent control system, battery temperature control technology, EMS system, etc.

Project investment

For energy storage projects in different application scenarios, we will invest in energy storage power plants and hold assets based on financial investment models and decision-making processes.

Project development

The development of energy storage power plant projects covers a wide range of application scenarios, including user-side energy storage, centralized shared energy storage, wind and solar complementary energy storage, microgrid energy storage, etc.

Product introduction

Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage
Large/commercial energy storage

With a standard modular design, the product can be deployed flflexibly on diversifified industrial and commercial occasions  to obtain benefifits in terms of peak-load shifting and demand management for users, improve grid quality, provide emergency  power supplies and, through a data management platform, establish a shared energy storage cloud network and take part in  the transactions and services on the electricity market in future.

Residential Energy Storage
Small/home energy storage

Using standardized modular building blocks design, it is easy to expand the battery capacity to meet personalized needs, and the installation is also very simple; the high protection level enables it to adapt to various harsh environments, and high-performance heat dissipation materials ensure safety; the system realizes low-latency switching and can achieve smooth transitions; it is achieved through WiFi and Bluetooth...

Energy Storage Station Operation and Maintenance
Energy storage station operation and maintenance

Through advanced technologies such as sensors, monitoring devices, and remote control equipment, the power station is monitored and data is collected in real-time. The collected data is processed and analyzed through technologies such as cloud computing and big data analysis to achieve comprehensive monitoring and management of the power station's operating status, performance, safety, and other aspects.

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